International Speech Contest — Round 2 Speech topic selection


This is for Round 2 of International Speech Contest to be held on March 10th. As Craig Valentine says — “What got you here wont get you THERE”, I have to improve at every step. I have more than one story telling options, all can be expanded into a classic speech but I would like to know which story touches you the most, or which story creates a curiosity in your head. Following are the brief intro to all of them, please get back to me either by commenting here or by mailing me on I truly appreciate the time you give for this. Please try to respond by Friday – February 17, 2012.


1. From Bye to Hi:

Reaching the destination is not a problem ….. but when you reach there, who all stands with you. Because people with whom you started your journey had their own paths which does not crosses yours any longer. What happened on the way? Why you are not together today? What can you do ? Will you take first step to get back? Will you wait for them to call or will you take a step forward, amend the relationship, express your love? 
This could be developed into a story to inspire people to get in touch with all their old friends. Clear their side of guilt with them. Tell them that they are being missed (I will share any of many of my personal stories to support this.) This could be developed into a humorous-inspirational speech and usually these kind of speeches leaves a good impression.
2. Hope:
I saw this friend of mine so sad today. Taking her hands into my own hands, I started explaining to her that I can read future and started saying –“Your Mars look powerful and Jupiter is retrograde, definitely you are going to bounce back … in less than a minute :)”. Her smile was back.
I can create a scene and transform it to how she stood against the flow once again. And I wont reveal until middle of the story that this future telling character is me (Surprise element !! ). Having two characters in story gives variety and life to words and expressions. This story could amaze people and hidden message of hope should fly. My Dad has good hands in Astrology and for the story I can mention him or something from his experience in the speech.

3. The story which brought me to Round 2: One More Time
A boy sees his father as a perfect speaker. At home he holds remote and imitates his Dad. His first speech “Good Morning Friends, My name is …. and he forgets everything after those 6 words. Failing and trying multiple times — this guy is finally able to complete the speech. In the end this guy turns out to be me. The scene created for this completed speech, the fear and failures on the way won hearts.
The story needs to be brushed up, but being in the speech competition, people could relate to it easily and it would be easy to put humor and motivation in the speech. This will make a good speech, giving me a chance to demonstrate two sides of me — Dull, fearful, afraid of getting up on stage and Boom — a new me, one who smiles on stage and speak his heart out.

4. Coming out of Comfort Zone:
All major transitions came to the people who went into an uncomfortable situation and then got up and faced it. Do you recall how uncomfortable you were at the first day of work you are doing right now, but you kept on learning step by step and today you are comfortable — but don’t stop. Growth is about going from one uncomfortable stage to another, from one failure to another. When you get comfortable – even if you are at the top, you cannot improve ,,, you stay there.

By far this is the best topic I could think of. I could support it with my transition from Wireless Engineering to Business Analysis. Narration of tough moments testing my mettle could help me here.For eg. Talking to mirror and giving inspiring dialogues, waking up and saying some same (inspirational) words daily. Can introduce tragic scenes and make a message out of emotional story. It will be difficult to add humor in this story which is why I am hesitating to pick this one up, but let’s see. Other than that, I can combine Topic 3 and Topic 4 and come out of the uncomfortable zone.

Please pick/vote any of these stories if you can. Pass on any suggestion comments or questions. Your point of view matters to me !! .. 

4 thoughts on “International Speech Contest — Round 2 Speech topic selection

  1. I would say a inspirational topic that is related to something else that YOU would be better.

    But if I have to choose from these then may be 4. Coming out of Comfort Zone.


  2. All topics are very nice but I felt “The story which brought me to Round 2: One More Time” as very good.This is the problem which 80% people face & the story that you will bring vl defintitely be encouraging & motivation people who has stage fear.


  3. Thanks Richa — Based on chats/emails and comments – I am inclining towards 3 or 4 now and more towards 3. Thanks for reading them, will keep you posted. 🙂


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