Public Speaking for Introverts

Public speaking is already very difficult, it is all the way a mammoth of a task for the introverts. Being an introvert himself, Pulkit understands and wants to uplift and groom the speaker in those who are introverts.

THERE is NO PROBLEM being an INTROVERT! We can WORK to make it our STRENGTH!!

Pulkit has worked with many speakers old or young, new or seasoned, and multi-cultural background. He does not promise wonders to you, but a sure shot support, coach, and call-me-at-4-AM friend. He would bring his experience, his skills, and most importantly his willingness for your success.

Pulkit, an introvert, and yet has impressed many experienced speakers and extroverts from the stage. He won’t be able to make you like him because his goal will be to bring out the Speaker within you !

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