Kamal Gangwal – What’s your time, date and place of birth?

When you will meet my father, an astrologer by hobby, he won’t ask – How are you? Instead he will ask, what’s your time, date, and place of birth; then he will make your astrological chart and tell you – how are you doing? 🙂

Not true… but still close :D.

This joke always gets me laughs at the cost of my father and … it got probably one more.

As my parents are visiting this holiday season (2018), I wanted to introduce my father to my friends in the vicinity, particularly for his experience in Astrology and if it stir interest in you, you may consult him. He does not charge any fee and neither accepts gifts in any form, for his readings; its a pure giving from his standpoint. In the last 25 years, he has read 2000+ (low guesstimate) kundlis. As you may deduce, he has devoted a good chunk of his life for learning Astrology and reading kundlis for friends, families and the acquaintances; all out of his passion. I’d also clear up that Astrology is only his hobby, profession-wise, he runs a finance business in Indore.

It can be a long read, but for sanity, I will limit it to three small sections about him: Background, Interest in Astrology, and Anecdotes related to Astrology.

  1. Background

My father, Kamal Gangwal, comes from the village of Nalchha in Dhar district of Madhya Pradhesh, India. The nearest famous place, 10 kms from Nalchha, is Mandaw (a.k.a Mandu, Mandawgarh), known for its history, architecture, and historic Jain temple.

He is the youngest child of GCT – Gangwal Cricket Team (has 9 elder brothers and 1 elder sister). Our ancestral home, where he has grown up was built in early 1800s and had ones accommodated about 50 family members. Our family also run a 400 year old Digamber Jain Mandir adjacent to this ancestral house.

Nalchha Mandir.jpg

The interest of higher studies brought my father to Indore in 1970s. He completed his B.Com followed by earning a Doctorate in Ayurvedic medicine.

  1. Interest in Astrology

In early-80s, on meeting a well-known local leader in a District Conference of Lions International, my father realized the importance of reading books of your topics of interests. His topics of interests were astrology, vaastu shastra, and ayurveda. I saw him reading books on these topics for 30-60 minutes every night before sleeping, and the trend continues even today. In early 90s, he started reading friends and family member’s kundlis (Astrological chart), followed by friends of friends kundlis, followed by the kundlis of the acquaintaince and not knowns! Remember, it was only word of mouth in those days; but there came a time he became so occupied with kundli reading, that I had to put a board in our home (in Indore) “Yaha Patrika nahi dekhi jayegi, kripya dukaan per jaaye!” And the board only made it worse.

Presently, at his office in India, people come at various times to get their readings. In order to not have them wait longer while balancing the business, he has designated 4 PM – 5 PM of his daily time for kundli readings. I have seen people from all walks of life and all ages 18 to 80 visiting him, he welcomes them all and accommodates them with all his capacity.

  1. Anecdotes:

A renowned and mostly busy Jyotish from Jaipur was visiting Gommatgiri, Indore and had very high rates for Kundli reading. Out of curiosity, my father went to meet him and showed his kundli to this renowned Jyotish. The Jyotish made predictions, my father’s understanding was different. Discussions, Disagremeents, and it ended with … the Jyotish insisted to return the fees and give a Guru-Dakshina to my father, for teaching him something new.

At Vishwa Jyotish Sammelan in about 2005 – the Organization had identified 12 Jyotishis to be recognized and honored by the Governor of MP, Dr. Balram Jhakad. My father got picked to be honored. One after the other the Jyotishis were called; they were all old Pundits wearing variety of dhotis, with chandan, haldi, kumkum tilaks, and multiple rudraksh malas went up the stage, got honored. Then the voice called “Pundit Kamal Kumar Gangwal”, a younger man, in simple half-Shirt full-Pant, no tilak or mala was up on the stage and the entire Ravindra Natya Grah went in awe. My father looked like the 12th man (if you understand Cricket!). My cousin, Ankur, and I went ROFL hearing “Pundit” in front of my father’s name.

He was also honored by Army Personnel Lieutenant General Sudhir Kumar in 2000 for Kargil fundraising initiative under the flag of Lion Club. He has held many positions in Lions International Club of Indore (West) ranging from treasurer, secretary, president, chairman and is a Lion member for last 35 years.

He is the youngest in his generation, but everyone, including his elders consult him for all important matters and decisions, and he takes this with great honor and responsibility.


During his visit if you want to consult about your kundli/janma patrika with him, you are welcome to talk to him on the matter. Please contact me for more info, this will allow me to make better plans.

If you have your/family’s kundli/patrika, bring it; else my father will ask your Date, Place, and Time of birth (to make your chart) and tell you how are you doing?

Rephrasing my father – “Take Jyotish reading as a guideline; not destiny.